Secret Enemy

Secret Enemy

Series: Red Stone Security Series®, Book 16
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781635561654

Releasing June 22, 2021 (updated)!

Lyosha Makanov met Mila Kelly by chance, and now she’s taken up permanent residence in his head. But the two couldn’t be more different, so Lyosha won’t go there. As a security expert, he skirts the law on the regular. Unlike Mila, the newest employee at Red Stone Security who spends her free time volunteering at an animal shelter. Despite his determination to stay away from her, when it becomes clear someone wants Mila dead, Lyosha immediately steps in, doing what he does best.

Mila met Lyosha when he brought in a half-starved, stray cat to the shelter she volunteers at. He tries to act tough—and okay, he is. He should be the last man she wants, but she loves his sexy tattoos, gruff demeanor, and that he has a marshmallow inside only she gets to see. When someone threatens her, he’s convinced it’s linked to his past. He’s made it clear that he’ll protect her with his life, neutralize the threat at any cost—but he won’t give her his heart. Not when he blames himself for bringing danger to her doorstep.

Red Stone Security Series, #16

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