His to Protect

His to Protect

Series: Red Stone Security Series®, Book 5
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 1497447232
ISBN: 1497447232

Book 5 in the USA Today bestselling Red Stone Security series…

No woman ever affected Red Stone Security expert Kell Malone quite like Charlotte Bastien. It’s been a year since that incredibly intense night they spent together and he still can’t get her out of his head. When he discovers she’s in Miami—with their three-month-old son—he’s stunned. Hurt. He’s also determined to know his child, and if she’ll give him the chance, to make a life with the stubborn woman who has sworn off love.

Single mom Charlotte came to Miami to tell Kell about their son, and that’s all—she won’t open her heart just to have it trashed by another man. Unfortunately, Kell makes that hard. He’s everything she wants, and just one look from him unleashes wicked memories and wild desires. When she witnesses a murder and lands on a hit list, Kell steps up to protect her and their son, but winning her love proves to be the hardest mission he’s ever undertaken.

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About the Book


“That is one hell of an ass,” Vincent murmured to Kell.

Following the other man’s gaze, Kell grunted the expected agreement, then froze. That was a nice ass. The best he’d ever seen. He’d also held onto it as the woman it belonged to wrapped her legs around him while he pumped into her for hours.

Though Charlotte’s back was to him, the formfitting red dress clung to her sleek—and a little curvier than he remembered—body like a second skin. In an opulent room where most of the men and women were wearing black or other dark formalwear, she stood out like a beacon. It wasn’t intentional, either. Even if she’d been wearing simple black, she’d have shined as brightly. The woman just seemed to glow. With dark hair, smooth pale skin, lush lips and an elegant bearing, she was the kind of woman men wrote fucking poems about. Well, not men like him, but she certainly inspired that kind of shit.

Right now her dark hair was piled on her head in some sort of complicated twist, revealing just how deep the V of that dress went. She wasn’t showing too much skin exactly, but he didn’t like the thought of other men seeing her. He nearly snorted. It wasn’t like he had a claim on her. Hell, he hadn’t even seen her in a year. Still…his gaze trailed over all that smooth skin and all he could picture was how she’d looked bent over her bed as he’d trailed kisses along her spine and backside.

He straightened, placing the still-full champagne flute he’d never intended to drink in the first place on the tray of a passing server. As part of their security cover tonight, he, Vincent and another dozen men and women were posing as guests at the extravagant party. The couple having the party didn’t want overt security. Didn’t want to offend their wealthy guests’ sensibilities, apparently. “When did she get here?”

“Who, red dress? Couple minutes ago…and she’s talking to Lizzy. That woman has the hottest friends. Hell yeah, I think I might ask for an introduction later.”

“Stay the fuck away from her,” Kell growled before stalking in their direction.

He loved Vincent like a brother. They’d been in the Teams together and the other man had saved his ass more than once. After the Navy when Kell had joined the FBI, Vincent had started working for Red Stone Security. Now years later, Kell was with the same company, but he’d kick Vincent’s ass if he ever made a move on Charlotte.

Coming to Miami had been a damn good career move, but right now the only thing he could focus on was the woman who’d stomped on his heart a year ago.

Not that he blamed her for how she’d reacted to what they’d done—fuck, he couldn’t even go there right now. Couldn’t even think about their history and how he’d messed things up so damn badly. All in one night, too. He’d completely screwed up a chance at even being friends with her when he’d made that stupid admission to her.

As he made his way through the room, circling around her, she must have felt his intense scrutiny. Though she was with Lizzy and two other women, she glanced over her shoulder, a relaxed expression on her pretty face—until she spotted him.

Though she was fair skinned, she paled even more as their gazes connected. Her dark brown eyes widened and she blinked twice, as if to make sure she’d actually seen him.

Oh yeah, sweetheart. It’s me.

Taking him completely by surprise, she turned away from him, murmured something to one of the women, then practically sprinted into the crowd.

Away from him.

Even though he was hyper vigilant about the guests and his surroundings, Kell’s gaze narrowed as he watched that fine ass run away. She’d never been a coward before so it shocked him that she was acting like one now. There was a lot of shit they needed to say to each other and while now clearly wasn’t the place, he couldn’t believe she’d actually tucked tail and run.

Not this time.

Rolling his shoulders once, he let her go. For now. He was working and wouldn’t let anything get in the way of his job. But he’d damn sure find her before the night was over.

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