Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Darkness series:

1. Will Conall get a story?
Yes. He’s one of the heroes in Into the Darkness which features two separate couples. The stories are intertwined because of the timeline of the series so you get 2 stories in one and 2 happily ever afters.

2. When is the next Darkness book planned?
The final book, Darkness Rising released in June 2019.  What does this mean for the Darkness world? The series itself is ending but I’m launching a spinoff of sorts in June 2020 (Ancients Rising series) so you’ll see A LOT of the same characters. The world isn’t going away.

Questions about the Red Stone Security series:

1. How many stories do you have planned?

Lethal Game, book #15 released on January 10, 2017 and it’s the final book. It’s possible I’ll revisit the series later but for now I’m wrapping up the series with 15 books.

2. Will Carlito ever get a story?

Yes. He’s part of a secondary romance in Lethal Game so he gets his HEA.

Questions about the Serafina/Sin City series:

1. When is the next Serafina/Sin City book coming out?

The 5th and very likely the final book, Deadly Surrender, releases April 7, 2020. I had thought I’d ended the series with Dangerous Surrender but you guys kept asking for Logan’s story and finally he decided he wanted his story too. 🙂

Questions about the Moon Shifter series:

1. How many books are planned for this series?

This series is complete. There are a total of 6 novels and 4 novellas. Reading order: Alpha Instinct (book 1), Lover’s Instinct (novella 1.5), Primal Possession (book 2), Mating Instinct (book 3), His Untamed Desire (novella 3.5), Avenger’s Heat (book 4), Hunter Reborn (book 5, February 2015), Protective Instinct (novella 5.5, May 2015), Dark Protector (book 6, November 2016), A Mate for Christmas (novella 6.5, December 2016)

2. When will the Moon Shifter series be available digitally in my country?

Headline (Eternal Imprint) has bought the foreign rights to part of the Moon Shifter series. They are available through their Eternal imprint in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. As far as other countries buying the foreign rights, I have no answers for that at the moment. Lover’s Instinct, His Untamed Desire, Protective Instinct, Dark Protector and A Mate for Christmas are all available internationally.

3. When will the Moon Shifter series be available in audio?

I’m not sure if they ever will. That’s up to my publisher. However I do have other books available from audible. Please visit my audible page for more details.

Other Questions:

1. Do you go to conferences?

Very rarely. I aim to make it to one every other year if possible and it tends to be a smaller conference.

2. How many series do you have and what order should I read your books in?

a) The Moon Shifter series. These books should probably be read in order for full reading pleasure, but I’ve heard from readers that they’ve started with book 3 and not felt lost. So, it’s really up to the reader. The novellas can be read as stand-alones. This series is complete.

b) The Red Stone Security series. While these stories all feature men and women who work for Red Stone Security, the books can be read in any order. This series is complete.

c) Deadly Ops series. This series is 5 books + one novella. The books can be read as stand-alones, though there will be recurring characters throughout each. But they are definitely not as linked as my Moon Shifter books. They’re more like my RSS series in that they can be read out of order. This series is complete.

d) The Serafina: Sin City series. This series is a spin-off from my RSS books and launched in August 2013. So far there are 4 stories in this series. These books can be read out of order. The fifth and final book released April 7, 2020 and is complete.

e) Darkness series. There are currently 8.5 books out in this series. I’ve heard from readers that they started with book 2 and weren’t lost so I believe these can be read out of order. This series is complete (but there will be a spinoff to it).

f) Redemption Harbor Series. This series is complete with seven books.

g) O’Connor Family series. This is a set of four novellas featuring siblings. It’s set in a fictional town where it’s Christmas all year round and is a fun, contemporary world. This series is complete. It is also being translated into French and all titles should be available to French readers by the end of 2019.

h) Crescent Moon Series. This is a series of novellas written under my pen name. I consider them bite-sized paranormal goodness! This series is on-going.

i) Endgame Trilogy – this is a new trilogy that launched in July 2019. Bishop’s Endgame (book 3) released in January 2020. These books can be read as stand-alones and the trilogy is complete.

j) Verona Bay series – this is a new series launching September 2019. These books can be read as stand-alones.

k) Ancients Rising series – this is a new paranormal series launching in June 2020. It’s a spin-off from my Darkness series but may be read as a totally new series.

l) I also have many non-series books so if you’re looking for single title books or novellas, just check out my booklist page for a complete list of all my books. On that page I also have a clickable link to a PDF printout of my books with information such as what formats are available, ISBNs, etc.

3. I’m a new author and just published my first book. Can I send you my book to review?

Unfortunately I receive so many of these requests I have to decline. If you’re looking for reviews your best bet is to reach out to the very large, very wonderful blogging community.

4. Note: Any requests to read books for the purpose of cover quotes should go through my agent, Jill Marsal of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

If you have more questions I haven’t answered, please email me via my contact page. It might take me a couple weeks but I respond to all email. Thanks for stopping by!