Ancient Sentinel

Ancient Sentinel

Series: Ancients Rising, Book 7
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781635562132

RELEASING: January 24, 2023

He never expected her…

Jaguar shifter Ren never expected to fall for anyone again—not after the last woman he opened his heart to tried to cut it out. Literally. But the moment he met Grace, he fell hard and fast for the sweet human. Except she’s made it clear she’s only looking for friendship, and he wants it all.

Grace officially has a crush on her friend—a quiet jaguar shifter with kind eyes and deadly skills. But he hasn’t given any indication he wants more than friendship. So she vows to move on—until they’re given an assignment by their Alpha. When they’re stuck together under the same roof, sharing one bed, it becomes impossible to hide her attraction.

When danger comes for them, they’ll be forced to decide whether their bond is worth risking everything.

LENGTH: Novella

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