Ancient Protector
Series: Ancients Rising, Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781635561401

RELEASING June 30, 2020

Some couples burn twice as hot…

With the world still rebuilding after massive dragon attacks, famous singer Starling isn’t willing to rely on a stranger to protect her sister—though dragon shifter Lachlan is difficult to resist. He’s already helped Star rescue her sister from a recent abduction, but trust doesn’t come easy when his kind has nearly hunted her race to extinction. When her sister’s kidnapper launches another violent attack, Star has no choice but to accept Lachlan’s aid. But no matter that he’s stepped up to protect her, she’ll never allow the ancient Scottish dragon into her heart.

Lachlan is well aware the feisty shifter is his mate, so if tailing her to New Orleans is what he has to do to be near Star, then so be it. She has a lot of animosity to overcome against his kind, but he’s up for the challenge. Then Star is attacked, and Lachlan resolves to protect her at all costs…no matter what Star says. And he won’t have to do it alone. It will take Lachlan, his clansmen, and Star’s misfit band of friends to rain fiery vengeance down upon their enemy if she and her sister are to ever be truly free.


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