Guardian of Darkness

Guardian of Darkness

Series: Darkness Series, Book 7
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: KR Press, LLC
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781635560343

He saw her die in a vision…

Before five years ago, Gabriel had never met Vega, but he knows how she's going to die. He knows he'll be involved... unless he can make sure they never meet, never cross paths, so that his vision will never come true. So he left his pack behind, joined the Stavros pack and was determined to never let that future play out. To never meet her at all. Fate had other plans—and she walked right into his life when he least expected it. For the last five years he’s avoided Vega whenever possible even while trying to keep an eye on her. But when she gets cagey with her pack and disappears, he has no choice but to follow her. Now, circumstances are forcing them to work together and he’s determined to protect her against any threat. If that means dying for her, he’s more than willing to. But she doesn’t want his protection. If anything, she’s determined to prove she’s stronger than everyone thinks.

She’s writing her own future…

Vega isn’t the same moody teenager who came to live with the Stavros pack all those years ago. With college behind her, she’s been recruited by a division of the government’s supernatural Black Ops. Trained and more than ready for her first mission, she doesn’t expect Gabriel to crash her assignment. To save her cover, they pretend to be a couple. But soon lines are blurred and neither can deny the incendiary attraction between them. As they race to stop a man who wants to sell out their people to the highest bidder, they find themselves fighting for a future together. With time running out, she has no choice but to rely on the irresistible male who’s turned her world upside down. Unfortunately, in order to save the woman he loves, Gabriel has to give her up.

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About the Book

Length: NOVEL

Author note: This is a stand-alone novel in the Darkness series complete with an HEA and no cliffhanger.


Gabriel watched as Vega jumped over the gate to her townhome, unable to temper the hunger that surged through him at the sight of her. Once she was inside, he dropped down from the oak tree whisper quiet, but remained in the shadows, pulling them around him so he was all but invisible.

It didn’t matter that she was inside, the image of her was seared into his brain. Long, lithe, sexy as fuck. As always.

Her long, jet-black hair had been in a tight braid against her head and hanging midway down her back. She’d let it grow out longer in college. And damn, had she grown up in the last few years. Enough that not just he had noticed. Her violet eyes in her human or vampire form were electric, captivating. So much so that she often wore contacts to soften the color. He’d memorized everything about her. Because if he was around her, he was watching. Covertly, of course, and not because his Alpha had ordered him to.

Gabriel couldn’t help it. Couldn’t take his gaze off her. He had an addiction and her name was Vega.

As he continued to watch from the shadows, he frowned as he took in her concise movements. It was strange to have the thought, but she moved like an operator. Like she’d been training. He’d noticed the difference in her over the last year. Because yeah, he’d kept tabs on her even if he hadn’t been her bodyguard the last two years. Chloe, the pack female who’d been her roommate the last couple years, hadn’t said that Vega had requested extra training.

But something about her was different. He was certain of it. Her posture and even her gait were confident as hell. She walked into a room like she owned it. Maybe she was just coming into her own, but… No, he’d noticed it again tonight as she’d strode down the quiet sidewalk to her home. She’d been aware of him even if she hadn’t called him out.

He wasn’t surprised she hadn’t acknowledged him, not with the constant tension between them, but he was surprised she’d known he was there. Considering his ability to blend in, to use the shadows as he pleased—hell, he wasn’t sure what to make of this.

Nothing. That was what he’d make of it. Absolutely nothing. He needed to get her out of his head. To stop finding excuses to come to New Orleans to see her.

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